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Antenna installation


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What you can expect
Ar's And Yours Satellite is recognized as the area leader in customer service by providing homes, businesses, facilities, restaurants (AND MORE!) with their superior satellite programming at a fraction of the cost of traditional cable television.
We feature all types of Satellite receiving equipment and systems, both big and small.
Our customers appreciate that we offer both DirecTV and Dish services to choose from
Towers, Rotors, Pre-Amplifiers, and Boosters
UHF, VHF, FM Antennas including Winegard and Channel Master
High-Speed Satellite Internet Service
Certified Installation Technicians
Specialized and Professional Sales and Service Personnel
Customer Service Representatives to assist you in answering all your entertainment questions

About Us

Ar's And Yours Cable Co., Inc. was founded in 1978 by Walter J. Schweickert, as a means of delivering more channels and a better picture to peoples televisions. This began by the simple use of an outdoor antenna professionally installed.

The need for the outdoor antenna still exists today, however, as the industry changed to the Satellite Era, we changed as well. By adding quality electronics combined with professional installation to assure our customers not only a better picture but quality programming as well.

We have aligned ourselves with leading manufacturers and distributors nationwide to provide our customers' with only the best for their home entertainment needs.

Our installation department consists of professionally trained men and women and our customer service reps are equipped with the knowledge to assist you in meeting all your home entertainment needs.

To find out more about how Ar's And Yours Cable can assist you and why our customers recommend us, email us at walt@arsandyours.com for your personal Ar's And Yours Cable Rep to Contact You.

Thank you for choosing Ar's And Yours Cable.