You'll Never Have a TV Conflict Again.

When it comes to whole-home entertainment, the Hopper 3 is a standout performer. For starters, it's the most-awarded DVR ever. And now it has a record-breaking 16 tuners. This best-in-class capability allows you to watch and record 16 programs at once and support 7 TVs simultaneously, setting the stage for endless conflict-free features the whole family will love.

What is the Hopper 3?

A truly game-changing DVR, The Hopper 3 is future-proofed with 4K ultra HD resolution and 25 industry-leading, new features. We've drawn on the phenomenal power of 16 tuners and a turbocharged quad-core processor that's 7X faster than the competition to deliver a conflict-free experience like no other.

Watch and Record 16 Programs at Once

That means everything from local channels, movies, kids shows and more – all at the same time and from any room in the house. Imagine having the power to watch 7 movies, 4 sitcoms, 3 cartoons and 2 talk shows, at the same time.

Play Four Channels on a Single Screen

Can't decide what to watch? Different things happening at the same time? Pull up the Hopper's Multiview tool to create your own HD sports bar or keep an eye on the weather, the news and the game all while watching your favorite sitcom.

Built-In 4K Ultra HD Resolution

Thanks to the Hopper's brilliant colors and lifelike 4K ultra HD resolution, you can watch your favorite movies, shows and animations come to life right before your eyes.

App-Happy Integration
Check out the hottest trending music and shows with the Hopper's built-in YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, VEVO and other popular apps.

New User Interface
Whether you love to binge watch or want a more personalized TV experience, the Hopper's new streamlined navigation and intelligent recommendations make content discovery easy and finding your favorite programs a breeze.

Coming Soon! Introducing The Hopper® Remote With Voice.

Meet the new Hopper Remote with Voice. It's the latest technology from DISH that's aimed at improving how you enjoy your favorite programming. This advanced remote can make television a more natural experience with full TV, receiver and DVR support.Hands-Free.
A hands-free remote? You heard right. Surf the channels or search for your favorite programming all by simply speaking with the new Hopper Remote with Voice. This remote features advanced voice recognition technology that responds to your command. No longer do you have to fiddle with unnecessary buttons. Simply enable voice recognition and speak the commands for a more pleasant TV experience. Hands-On.
When you want to take matters into your own hands, the Hopper Remote with Voice delivers. At the center of the remote is a clickable touchpad that allows for smooth navigation. This touchpad responds to swipe, scroll and pinch-zoom gestures for more intuitive commands. The rest of the remote features large, easy-to-see buttons that improve ease of use. Its simplified design sports chrome highlights and red striping while offering a total of 19 buttons on the top and 7 on the sides. Light When You Need It. With such a simple layout, you might be wondering how the new DISH remote can execute more difficult commands. Whenever you need it, the dynamic touchpad of the Hopper Remote with Voice can illuminate a numeric keyboard. When changing the channel or entering a password, you can use the keypad, otherwise the touchpad will remain invisible.

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