Each provider offers six different packages to choose from.

Dish Channels                                                    
America's Top 120™ 190+                
America's Top 120™ PLUS 190+       
America's Top 200™ 240+               
America's Top 250™ 290+                
America's "Everything"™ Pak 315+   

DIRECTV Channels

CHOICE™ 175+
XTRA 220+

NFL Sunday Ticket

DISH and DirecTV both offer a variety of DVR and non-DVR receivers.

DISH Hardware Options:
Hopper 3 gives you the ability to instantly skip commercials while watching select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC recorded with PrimeTime Anytime. Plus, you can record up to 16 shows at once and never miss a show again! On top of that — watch four sports events on the same screen, and keep up with the scores of all the big games without changing channels. Thanks to the Hopper's brilliant colors and lifelike 4K ultra HD resolution, you can watch your favorite movies, shows and animations come to life right before your eyes.
Even more exciting: the new Hopper lets you watch recorded programs on your mobile device free of any additional charges.

DirecTV Hardware Options:
It's called the Genie and it's our most advanced HD DVR system ever. Genie lets you record five shows at once and gives you full HD DVR functionality on every TV in your home—even outside, when you connect a Wireless Genie Mini. Consider your TV wishes granted.

Genie can record up to 200 hours of HD entertainment. Can't decide between two shows to watch? No problem. With Genie's Picture-in-Picture, you can tune in to two channels at the same time on one screen. You can even watch them side by side. Tuned in late? "Restart" is a cool new HD DVR feature that lets you restart shows that are already in progress with just one click - all you need is an Internet-connected receiver.* It will become available two minutes into the program. Please note: “restarted” shows cannot be fast-forwarded or recorded. 4K offers the best picture ever. It provides more than just richer colors and smoother lines. It brings your entertainment to life. And it’s available today

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